New to wholesaling

I am relatively new to the idea of wholesaling and I am new to this site, and I am so glad I found this Forum! I am currently trapped in the “information” stage of wholesaling, looking for books etc. but something deep down is telling me that I know enough to take action. Like maybe I flipped adobe huts in a past life or something!? lol I just feel like I would be more comfortable starting under another wholesalers supervision or mentorship. I want to be sure I get it 100% right without turning any circles. I am located in Southern Cali, Inland Empire. If there are any investors in the area that would be willing to take me under their wing, I would appreciate the gesture. Of course I will be offering compensation for your time and effort, I just need to get out and start living! You know? Im 20 yrs young, college didn’t work, and wholesaling is looking like my savior, all the while helping others solve their current situations. Anyone interested can send me an Email and we can meet up sometime! Or reply with your info and i will contact you! Thank you. :biggrin My name is Kevin BTW


I suggest you go out there and attend your local REIA meetings and meet people. You will learn a lot and will eventually be able to build a network and maybe partner with some people.

i would second that… nothing like face to face networking… It is crucial to your success… the more people you know the more succecess you’ll have