New to wholesaling with a question.

Hello, I’ve been learning wholesaling for about 3 months now and have been absorbing as much info as possible. I’ve found some good info off of YouTube(and some bad lol) and have now started to form a plan. I have to say after lurking on this fourm last night I ended up reading 7 pages deep because there was so much useful information. Prob more than I have learned in 3 months being on BP(who is really not wholesale friendly) and like the vibe this place has. I’m happy to say I’m doing this because I love people and I have always wanted to be in real estate. I have read some of you guys success stories and have to say it’s inspiring. Anyway enough about me let me get to the question.

From what I have seen most of you guys wholesale in multiple counties and states. How do you find closing attorneys or title companies for all those places? Like in my state of South Carolina I have a closing attorney I can call in Columbia but if I find a deal in Charleston that’s 2 plus hours away. Do I need a closing attorney for everywhere I do business?

Thanks for the help in advance!

I let my buyers choose the Title Company they like. Don’t sweat the details. Find the deals first.

Well that simple enough. Guess I thought way too much into that!

You can network with active investors/wholesalers in those areas and see who they recommend.


Thanks for the info but I’m working with a title company now. I found my info from a meet up group. Probably got about 10 names just asking.

I am located in the Columbia SC area and am actively wholesaling in Columbia, Charleston, and Charlotte. Feel fee to reach out at any point! Would love to connect and put some deals together!

Feel free to reach out at any time!
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