New to Wholesaleing

if I buy tax deeds from the state can the title compay insure them so i could sell them at a really good discounts, tax certificates are making good investments as of now from 12 to 21% depending on the state. any help will be greatly appreciated thanks

Found a title company that wil do assignments as long as paperwork is complete, now can someone please help me with finding the deals to wholesale any suggestions would be appreciated, as i have only done construction and tax deeds from the state


Wholesale deals are everywhere it depend on how much money you have to invest in them and if you have a end buyer. Cash talk very loud on a wholesale deal.

Are you saying that you are trying to flip tax deeds? Or are you going to buy it your self and then try to wholesale it? Be careful when it comes to buying. The key to wholesaling is getting in very light with little or none of your own money. :beer