New to this and could use some help

Hello I am a 19 year old college student right now I own a duplex but would like to buy an apartment complex. credit 720+ but cash is my problem i have about 15 in equity and 4 in cash what i want to get is an 11 unit will cost about 475000 makes about 5000 a month…is there any way any of you can think to get it…or am i dreaming to big???

Unless you have a relationship with the seller or they are in a bad way and need to sell asap you don’t have a chance.

If they are willing to carry a second (20%) of purchase price($95,000), but have it secured by your duplex ($15K) something can be worked out…but it is unlikely in an arms legnth transaction. Another problem is this…will the property cash flow with 100% financing? If the gross potential income is only $5k/mo it is unlikely it will.

Your best bet would be to keep working with 1-4 unit properties where 100% financing is available until you can build up sufficient equity (100K+) to use in commercial transactions.


Always think big. There are product available to accomodate a transaction like this. I’ve seen 95% CLTV products. Meaning the lender and seller can provide 95% of the loan and you come up with 5%.

So say you can get it for $450k, your down payment would be $22500. If this is too much, maybe bring in a partner. There is always a way.

ofcourse you have to make sure you analyze all the numbers correctly to determine if it’s cashflowing.