New to the Whosale game

I am new to the game I have been for the some time looking and informing my self into investing . I have been to the rich dad info section but have not taken any classes yet because I need to built capital and they have said to start with whosale I am in the Central Florida area does any one have idea or good tips on where to start …My fist question how do I get the property under contract is theis a web site that I could go to look and contract and download them… I have a lot drive and i am willing to make this work but I Need derection on this subject HELP !!! :banghead

You find the property and contact the seller (bank) - submit your offer to them with your POF letter, once they accept you will sign a purchase contract with the seller (bank). Once this happens you have the property under contract

You can also contact distressed sellers and or builders and get the properties besides banks. Once you pin point the niche then you can go after the properties.

Putting them under contract all depends on the agreement between you and the seller. Motivated sellers shouldn’t give you a hard time after all-----they do want you to get the properties out of their hands!

Have fun investing!!