new to the real estate investment

hello ppl,
i got started in feb 2005 when i bought a vacant lot and another lot with a house for 205k. 6 months later i sold house for 220k and lot for 75k. did good( I think) I then used that money to buy another home which I now live in. I pulled 30k in equity to purchase another home for 260k but to flip this time.

my ? is do you guys feels that this is the right way of investing. people dont seem to take me serious cause iam 25 yrs of age (they dont take in consideration that i bought my first home right out of high school for 110k and still own it today appraised for 380k)

thanks for any feedback and tips ;D

Age should have nothing to do with it! Experience, education, and demeanor can mean everything! It sounds like you at least understand the mechanics of it…if it makes money for you, keep doing it!