New To The Investing Game

Hi, I like to invest in property, preferably duplexes to start off, but the problem is how to begin. I’m a single guy who makes $90K/yr as an engineer in San Francisco, CA. Have good credit, some savings and I’m a veteran who served 5 years in the Active Army. I want to start investing with a goal of doing it full time within 3 years. Is this possible? I do not own a home; the market in California is pretty high in terms of real estate (and everything else) so i like to concentrate on out-of-state real estate property. How would that work in terms of borrowing, mortgage loans where I want to purchase at least one piece of property per month, if it’s possible?
Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Hi Roger! Im a rei in chicago. Ive been investing solely since 1998. Unlike you, I started with no Info, no websites like rei club, no mentors, no nothing! Just trial and error, motivation and imagination. It is good advice to invest elsewhere. Places like CA, New York and the like are rei wastelands. Chicago, or should I say parts of chicago are goldmines for the right type of investor who looks at the numbers, not the tough neighborhoods. aaron

Thanks, I appreciate the help :slight_smile: The funny thing is that I grew up in the south-side of Chicago. I always wanted to buy property there, along with Indiana, and Wisconsin. Lets connect when you have the chance. Got to leave work now --chat with you soon.