New to the forum

“Hi everyone. I just joined and wanted to let everyone know that this board has a wealth of information on it. I am a full time investor and an very glad I found this board. I want to network with some investors who are active and looking to do some deals. I have my own source of hard money but I am really looking to make 2008 a big year. I also have a lot of motivated Sellers (don’t we all), who are looking to sell or have someone work a short sale with them.
With all of the great information on this site we can all make some money together and we all know you can never learn enough about this business. I hope I can learn and even help out and work with some of you as well.”

Welcome to the board…

Welcome Brett,

What part of the country are you located?

What if you own properties that do not cash flow, and cannot be sold for profit in the current market?
I own 5 houses, 2 tri-plexes, and two condos.
In your opinion, is it worth it to continue the debt service on these until the market turns?


Sorry, wrong thread. :anon