New to the business

I am new to the business here in the Phoenix area. I am a retired firefighter with a desire to succeed. I have access to many off-market properties, and want to develop a network of highly motivated cash buyers for quick flips, bird dogging, and contract assignments. This may be lofty, but my goal is to make offers on 5-10 properties weekly, but I need to develop my buyer network ASAP. If you are interested, please PM me.

Welcome. Have you had any training or read any books? Are you prepared to spend hundreds of dollars per month on marketing? Did you realize that finding buyers is the easy part and what you really need to concentrate on is, finding deals?
Were you going to jump first and ask questions later?
Again, welcome, there is one rule to success in real estate and that is, keep learning, get the right attitude, and never give up.

Awesome good luck! I heard a strategy once that a wholesaler (part-time fire fighter too) would have first eyes on burnt / fire damaged properties since he knew about them from being a fire fighter. Find your niche, and run with it!

Welcome to the Real Estate Investing Industry. Wishing you all the best. Good luck!

Nice to hear you are starting out and have clear goals. My advice would be focus on getting good deals and you will find the buyers. When you have a deal you can pull lists of recent cash transactions in that area and reach out to them. They will listen and respect you when you have a deal. You can post the deal on private real estate deals on Facebook and find buyers. Even if you have to JV your first couple of deals with another person’s buyers list the initial focus should be on getting good at finding real deals. When you do that you will have a skill that is in high demand and the buyers will start seeking you out.

I am always interested in helping other wholesalers connect with buyers. I have a moderate and growing cash buyers list. Any chance I can get to find more buyers, i am interested. PM me.

5-10 properties a week does sound a bit lofty right out the gate, but it sounds like you are extremely motivated and determined! Best wishes.

Welcome to real estate investing! I found craigslist to be a great place to start building a buyers list!

Best of luck!

To generate leads or cash buyers try Propstream, there is a lot of videos on yt “how to” this is like MLS access, 90% accurate depends on location. You can try it for 7-days for free
I am addicted.
Also craiglist, Forclosure auctions (legit cash buyers). Connect with Agents they can help. Read books, listen podcast, set goals!
Good luck!

I found a really easy way to grow your buyers list is posting on craigslist. You can post ads for discounted properties, fixer uppers, etc. and a lot of investors will head to your website to sign up or reply back to you with your email.