New to the business, beginning to like it

Im 23 yo and just got into this housing career. I just got certified and licensed to be a mortgage lender, and I’m trying to read these forums and take away some information

After hearing my brother-in-law get into this business (he is on these forums too) it sparked an interest from me. Im trying to learn how to go out and network, build a team to do business with, and when I build up enough money, look to rent out properties.

As for now, Im staying with refi’s and purchases. Soon I want to expand and reach the reverse mortgage market as well (oops, should I say HECM instead? ha)

So my question is, even though there seems to be alot of REI on this site, would you recommend that I attend some of the meetings? I mean I really deal with title companies, appraisers, etc, the people involved within a mortgage loan.

Hey welcome to the forum and the business too.You are already making major strides and you should do anything that will build on your experience and help you learn more.

All the best.

Yes, you need to build a network. But, it is the old adage of which comes first the chicken or the egg? If you want to build a network, you need to have something to network. You can have something to network until you start either practicing in a real estate business or investing. As you start investing, you will automatically begin building a network.

Investing in REO and other distressed SFR is a good investment decision. Property values are low, rental rates are competitive and the future yield when it comes time to sell looks even better. Best of luck!

You could build a great network with lease option investors because theyll need you to help their tenants exercise the options