New to Subject To's and Lease Options

To all who can offer some advice:

Currently right now I’m a full time wholesaler and I currently wholesale 4-6 properties a month. I’ve been educating myself on subject to’s and L/O and the question I have is once I have a good lead from a seller, how much money am I supposed to put down on either a subject to or a lease option?

Is there a certain percentage of the agreed price I’m supposed to put down or is it how much ever you feel like offering to put down for the option?

Any help or suggestions will be gladly appreciated!

The amount of option consideration you pay will vary, depending upon your negotiation skills and the type of lease option you are doing.
For example, if you’re doing a CA, then you needn’t pay more than $5. If you’re doing a sandwich lease, then you may have to come out of pocket an amount equal to one half to one month’s rent. That’s my approach, anyway.

depending on the deal… if it’s a sub2 with a $1000 a month casflow, i can put down something significant… if there is no equity and little cash flow./… then no money down… in that case i’d do a L/O