New To REI!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to all
First off, This site is more informative than i could have imagined. I’m starting off my career in the business and just wanted to know what investors are looking for.
I’m going to be birddogging and want to know what info investors look for on a lead to know if its a qualified lead or not. I don’t want to provide useless information that makes the email drag forever. KISS the best way to go for sure, but what info could (keep it simply stupid!!!).
Thanks in advance from jersey!!!

Howdy Nj…

All I want to know first is what it will sell for after rehab and what the price is and an estimate of the rehab costs and of course location is #1. Stuff like school district, shopping, and a lot more is all built into the sales price. If it is a rental property I want to know how much it will rent for. You would be surprised how many professional Realtors can not answer that question about their own listing.

THANK YOU. I too am new to RE investing. I am looking to purchase, rehab, sell a property and purchase a 2nd to lease. Your answer/advice is great - straight, direct to the point. It confirms what I need to look for as an investor. :). I think my biggest fear is just getting started. How do I go about finding a mentor? Any suggestions?