New to REI Forum

Hello everyone!
I have been reading alot on the forums and unfortunately realized that I may have wasted $5000.00 to get info that I probably could have gotten here. Those are the breaks though. Anyway, I have gotten alot of useful info from here and I just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you all for being so kind as to share your experience and thoughts on Real Estate Investing. I currently have approx. 10 years experience in Property Management and am now looking forward to getting into the investment aspect of it and making money for myself instead of someone else, just like everyone else I guess! LOL
I have also recently joined my local REI Club in San Antonio (SAREIA) and was just wondering if anyone else from that club posts regularly on here. If so, I look forward to meeting you at the monthly meeting!
Thanks again for sharing and I look forward to being able to contribute soon!
Tina Gwynne

Welcome Tina,

Just continue doing what you are doing. Make sure to set goals and keep to them. Best of luck!


There’s been some really good advice posted around here recently. Read it all, and good luck to you.