New to Real Estate Investing

Hello everyone, My name is Steve I’m from Riverside, CA. I’ve been a visitor on this forum for about a month now and would like to thank everyone that contributed so much great information. I have a question for those that just started their wholesaling business within the past 3-6 months. Could you share with me what steps you took to get started? How did you go from gathering tons of information to taking the plunge and becoming active in the business. Any insight will be greatly appreciated!




Real estate is a process, you do one property and when it's done, you decide when to do another? If your going to build a portfolio and rent properties as a land lord you may only be able to buy one property a year.

When you wholesale property, are you marketing to fellow investors or investors, realtors and end buyers? How much competition is in the market?
Are you limited by financing? Available cash?

Go out and find a property you think you can buy for xxxxx percentage of FMV that your confident when you add up all your cost’s figures you can make a profit and still provide a good deal to a buyer (remember buyers remodeling cost’s) and pull the trigger, just leave enough continghencies to get out if you can’t get it sold!

Just be careful you don’t ruin your reputation before you get started because if your say contracting all your properties in one city, it doesn’t take long for word to get around if you can’t perform!

Good luck,



Get a nice fat list of cash buyers on your buyers list (it cost nothing out of your pocket.)

Do some form of marketing, rather it be bandit signs, news paper, or radio ads etc…

Screen the calls that come in, you pick out the golden nuggets from the pile.

Close a deal and start on your next one. :beer

Steve, be careful or you’ll read and study yourself into paralysis of analysis. You probably know more than you realize. Talk to homeowners, make some offers, and you’ll progress nicely.