New to Real Estate Investing, what now?

Hello REI CLUB, I am new to Real Estate investing and know almost nothing! I am reading Rich Dad Books. What is the first things I should do??? I am just overwhelmed with everything to learn. PLEASE HELP!!

Be careful with the “Rich Dad” books. I do like them and have found them to be decent as far as basic understanding of how to build wealth through real estate. But the numbers and examples he uses are LONG GONE! The days of buying homes for peanuts and having joyous renters racing to get their monthly checks to you don’t exsist.
He WAY over simplifies the rental business.

Best tip I can give you is read EVERY post “propertymanager” has written on this forum. He runs lean and mean, no B.S. and treats it like it is …a BUSINESS!!!
Read the “Rich Dad” book and then read Mike’s posts. I’ll call him …“REAL DAD”… because he tells it like it is, warts and all!

Read the forums, read some more books, and eventually it will begin to all make sense! :cool

Thanks for the advice!