New to Real Estate Investing... Help!

[color=blue]Hi my name is Keiana. A friend of mine recently introduced me and my boyfriend to some real estate investing that she has made a ton of money in already. Her and her husband have been working on their credit but in the mean time they have been using credit partners to help them get the deals.

I am 23 all the people we know really have no clue what credit is yet nor do they meet the requirements to even get into a house. We are looking for someone who has experience doing this. We only need help on our first deal. We already have a few deals lined up and the money set aside the only problem is finding someone to help me out with good credit.

Where would I find individuals?

Finding “credit partners” is very difficult when you don’t have experience and good credit yourself. Why would someone want to give you their credit for a deal? You split the profits with them and they take all the risk. Doesn’t sound like a good deal to me!

I would NEVER give my good credit to someone who has no credit or bad credit. No thanks!


Your credit is a tool of the trade in real estate. It is not a big screen TV. Becoming a real estate investor without credit is like being a commercial fisherman without a boat. You guard that credit like you guard your family. You can do jobs around real estate investing (bird dogging, appraisers, real estate agents, property managers, etc) but to be in the business you need credit.

What is wrong with your credit? Is it just that you are young or is it damaged? If it is not damaged you can get your credit score to the point that you can invest in 2 to 3 months.

Look for deals with owner carrybacks and find a lender who wants to work with you. If the seller carries back enough money, the lender has little risk if you fail to perform. If you can find a hard money lender who will loan 65% and the seller carries 20%, you only need to come up with 15%. Good luck!

Look for deals that don’t require credit. If you are not dealing with realtors or applying for a loan from a bank you don’t need credit. Try wholesales, options, subject-to deals. These are all possible without credit.