new to real estate investing do I start as a bird dog or wholesaler?

I want get into real estate with very little risk as possible. I am currently looking for a full time job. I have no resources and a lot of debt. Would bird dogging or wholesale be the better thing for me. I live in a very rural area in western PA. I have my eye on the Butler, PA market. How do I find people to bird dog for? How do I find people to wholesale to??? HELP!!! I need an income and I am ready to do whatever it takes to get into this.
Thank you.

I am in the same boat as you. I was going to post something with almost the same wording. I am in the Washington DC area. Good luck to you. I will let you know if I find any answers.

Some will tell you to find the “good deal” first, then if indeed it is a good deal you won’t have trouble finding a buyer(investor) after you market the property. Some might tell you to put bandit signs out saying you have investment property for sale to attract buyers.When they call, tell them you sold the property but if they tell you what they are looking for you will find it for them .If you are starting at the rock bottom,no job,and no money.I suggest you start driving for dollars (walking for dollars) look for the good deals and the buyers at the same time while continuing to educate youself.

I’d say find some investors first. You have to have a “money man”. If you don’t have money or access to money, you can find all the deals in the world but they are worthless if you don’t have a money man. Once you find a deal, and it really better be a deal, then present it to them.

I have access to funds to buy homes, but can’t touch large commercial investments. I haven’t hit on one yet as a birddog, but we just made a very sizeable offer on some land in Central Texas. My “finders fee” is several hundred thousand if the deal goes through. I negotiated 5% of the net instead of money on the buy. Keeping my fingers crossed the seller accepts this offer.

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More or less what is said above will work.

If Butler is your focus, start learning the streets, the individual homes, the agents who work the area and other information. Become a local expert. At the same time figure out which property are rented and who the owners are. They might be future investors for your deals. Attend auctions and notice who is a cash bidder. Attend a REIA meeting in the greater area and talk with people.

As a bird dog you are legally selling information. You would not be being paid for success as that would be an illegal transaction (paid to broker a RE deal).

If you get paid to look and provide info, you will be paid as you learn. You will become enough of an expert that you can make offers and then wholesale the deals. That will come later but that is the glide path from bird dog to investor.

Get to know your market better. You said you’re in a rural area. Do you have investors willing to buy deals if you find some? Are there a lot of people buying houses that would cause to have these kinds of investors buying and fixing houses to resell to them? If so, by all means give Wholesaling a try.

Google for the investors in your area. There are there by the droves you just have to find them. Or you can simply keep your eyes peeled open while you are out and about. Look at the marketing going on, i e bandit signs that are posted around your city. You may call some of these numbers and you may get some luck. :biggrin

Being a bird dog is a waste of time. I wouldn’t recommend being a bird dog to anyone. Why not take the time out to educate yourself as a wholesaler. As a bird dog quite honestly, your hustling for crumbs! The difference between the bird dog and wholesaler is the wholesaler does all of the leg work, therefore the wholesaler efforts are highly rewarded. Becoming a wholesaler is definitely not rocket scientist. As a bird dog you have figured out how to find the deals. Now finish the job off by learning how to put it together from start to finish.

To your success! :smile