New to RE world and investment

Hi all,

I am new to this site and new to investments and RE. I am looking to get into flipping houses but don’t have the cash to start this process myself. I was a contractor in NJ before moving to Texas where RE is booming. I have the knowledge and tools to do the physical part of the rehabs but I dont have the knowledge for starting the investing process (ie wholesaling, contracts or finances) I am a quick learner and very excited to move forward. Any information or anyone that can and is willing to help me with this process would be greatly appreciated. I attended a workshop on RE investing given by Than Merrill. The cpncept of flipping houses intrigues me very much but was also skeptical because they wanted me to pay money to attend a VIP class given later in time that lays the whole process out. As I stated earlier I do not have the funds to waste so I didnt know whether to believe it or not.

Any info would be greatly appreciated


Why were you skeptical? I don’t understand.

I didnt know if it was true or not. They wanted me to pay $197 that day for a future vip class or if i signed up any day after that it would have been $1970. Big difference in the money plus I am new to it so I wasn’t sure what to believe.

90% off for early registration? That’s quite a discount.

And you didn’t take advantage of it?
Consider yourself a “disqualified prospect.”

Why? Because Merrill weeds out the ‘option weighers’ and ‘skeptics’ with that offer.

The folks that can’t make up their minds to register ‘today’ don’t want “it” enough. And it’s important to sift them out so the rest can generate the most momentum for the training itself, and take advantage of future buying opportunities.

Meantime, if the training was crap, even the most rabid enthusiasts would want refunds.

Meanwhile, the bargain hunters, the curious, and the in-serious are the same ones that create inertia, demand refunds, and don’t become long term customers, regardless of the quality of the information.

That all said, I have no idea what is your actual motivation, or capability.

However, if I were offering you a 90% discount, and you still wouldn’t risk the $197, I would assume you weren’t serious enough or capable of implementing what I was teaching you in the first place.

Frankly, my own qualifying process goes something like this; “Here it is. Here’s what it costs. Pull out your credit card.”

Forget giant discounts. I don’t want bargain hunters and cheapskates sniffing at my crotch. They operate from a scarcity mentality and will just slow me down.


That was a great whipping with a wet noodle from my pal in SoCal! Ouch!! In any event, and not to add insult to injury, I would not recommend anyone who is a skeptic to invest in real estate nor to go onto a public forum to get opinions (like mine) of people you don’t know.

Perhaps you might go to Barnes & Noble and invest in a couple of books on real estate investing that are of interest and follow what they recommend to test the waters.

While you are there, perhaps you can also look in other sections for business investment ideas where you do not feel skeptical.

Real estate investing is not for everyone…although anyone can succeed by replicating what others have accomplished…but life is short…find something you can do that you feel positive about.

Hope this helps.