New to RE investing game.

I want to get started in RE foreclosure investing. Trying to get ideas about best way to buy and rehab sfr in Southern California. I am taking advantages of foreclosure listing services free trial accounts (even subscribed to since they are inexpensive) and looking for reo’s on the mls. Sat in on free investing seminars. Getting my “investors” lined up, which at this point are family and friends. Reading from forums about other investors experiences but still gathering info on best approach to get started. Looking for ideas and advice on things related…

The best way to get started is to send letters to everybody on the foreclosure list and sit back and wait on the calls. Your first goal is to find a motivated seller who needs and wants to “sell”. Your second goal is to evaluate their house to see if there is equity in it now or if you can create equity by negotiating some of these big 2nd mortgages for about 10% of their value.

Many tips are available to sell house by owner and is beneficial in many cases. Not using a realtor and trying to sell house by owner is more advantageous as it saves the commission part of the deal is been saved. Dealing in real estate can be very helpful with the help of the agents who are expertise in making deal.