New to it all and need info

Hi all,

I know nothing about sub2 or anything else. Is there a good piece of literature that I can read on sub2 and the process. I want to start investing and have…not so good credit. Can someone help me out.

Howdy GLtucker76:

I have read and been told that John “Cash” locke’s book on sub2 is the bible of sub2. I have read his birddog book and think it is great. He seems to be really trying to help others in plain language and not trying to just sell books.

Also try joing a local REI club in your area.

I met a guy once who had read several books on investing but had never bought a house. He was very logical and carefull too much so. He would have never bought anything without a little pratical help from my or someone else.

If it is overwhelming to you, look for a partner and learn all you can from them and then go out on your own.

You can also birddog for other investors or buy and resell as a wholeseller.

Just a few ideas at 6:00 AM Hope something helps

Thanks alot. I believe I will buy his book. I have heard alot about John, all good things. I will start birddogging soon and have looked into joining a REI club and will joing one soon. Thanks again.