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I’ve found property in Texas that has 3 years taxes past due. The property has been abandoned and has a small house on it in poor condition (est. value $99,000.00). If I pay off the 3 year tax lien can I take over the property? If so what should I do next? Thank you for your time.

Howdy Romine4real:

You can not pay the taxes and get the deed unless the county is foreclosing on the property and is auctioning it off and even then the owner has limited rights to redeem the property by paying you the sales price plus 25 % interest.

The only way to get title is to contact the owner and negotiate a sales price and buy the property which will include the tax amount due. You can buy the property without paying the taxes but you can not get a title policy. Be sure to at least get a title search if you do buy the property. If they owe taxes they may have other liens as well.

Ted jr.

thank you for your response, I am going today to get info about the owner. i understand it may have issues with probate. The property has been vacant for 3 years , that seems like a LONG TIME.
thank you again.