New to forum

The Internet is an amazing resource of information. How did we ever get by without it?
I look forward to exchanging ideas and information with this forum.

Welcome to the forum. I can’t agree more. I too am new to the forum and after reading some of the posts I too felt that joining was a must. I am new to Real Estate Investing and there is alot of information all over the internet but I feel like you can find the answer or get advice for just about any question or situation right here. Well I just wanted to say hello and welcome. Good luck!
Tina Gwynne


Welcome to REICLUB.

Welcome! We look forward to your involvement!!

Fantastic place, even for the experienced. There always seems to be someone here that specializes in the type of creative real estate deals you want to do.

Welcome to ya.

Welcome to REIClub and to Real Estate Investing. If you are a newbie, I would like to say a little word of caution. Real estate investing can be very lucrative but can also drain the pocket if you do it wrong. I know from experience. So, get plenty of training and if you can find someone to do deals with even if you don’t get a share of the pot, the experience will be worth lack of money.