New to foreclosures

I’m interested in a foreclosure listing for Michigan, however, I can’t find them. Can someone help? I would also like to get properties directly from lenders. What is the procedure and how do you get started? Any suggestions?

Google “foreclosure listings”… tons of sites offer foreclosure listings and have free trials, like

I appreciate all help, however, I’m not looking for “commercial type” sites. I’ve been down that road and wasn’t happy. What I’m referring to is a listing that perhaps might come from a local bank.

Go to your locale title company. They will send you an email NOD list every week or so.

Go to

Follow the links till you find the county within MI that your looking for.
Once you get familliar with the way the court files foreclosures you’ll have a continual fresh supply of information. has a good listing for all states. In Illinois and Indiana you get some pretty good property descriptions and pictures. Not sure if this is available for Michigan.

For bank-owned properties, try the link below