New to birddogging

I answered an ad for bird dogging. I live in San Diego CA.

They want me to find anxious sellers with properties that are worth 500K selling for 325K.

My question is: does bird dogging mean FSBO or could it be a short sale, or pre foreclosure ??

Just curious as I await the investor’s reply. I already emailed them these questions.

I have been offered no less than 500.00 for each deal I bring to them that closes.

Any thoughts on this compensation? I am new so, for me it sounds great. I figure later I can maybe make more after I have more experience as a bird dog.

I am really excited!! I want the experience and the extra money will be icing on the cake!!

Five hundred is what I pay. Personally, I don’t care about the source as long as I can make money quickly.

Thanks for the reply! I am waiting for an email from them containing some type of check list. I have so far located 6 properties that meet the criteria.

Hopefully I can be of help to them. This is a great time to look for and find some deals.

Where did you see the ad for requests for birddogs? I’ve been looking and can’t find any ads. :frowning: I would love to do this, too.


What state do you birddog in? We will be looking in Texas shortly.

Hey JKainne,

 Feel free to check out my posting. It will tell you all about Birddogging.,31214.0.html

Hello, i am new to this as well, what is my first step, i am in the ATL, area…thanks

Hey sainted 24,

 Feel free to check out my posting. It will tell you all about Birddogging. It works for any state that Birddoging is legal of course.,31214.0.html