New to birddogging

Hello. My husband and I are new at this, we have read the bird dogging book, and we pretty much got it figured out. We both study nearly all day (until 8pm, then we relax). We would however like some input from others. We only have 1 bike, so drivebyes would be really hard for us. My husband is wonderful with searching and doing stuff online. If any tips come up in your minds, please let us see the ideas. We’re trying to find the weblinks to find property of divorce, forclosure, and leans. Ways to find more motivated sellers. My name is Molly, and my husband’s name is Steve. If you would want to talk to either of us, that would be fine. We are wanting to improve ourselves so we can get out of renting appartments and so we can have more transportation other than 1 adult bicycle.

I have been doing Lease Purchase deals and it doesn’t take much money at all. I spend about 10 bucks every two weeks on an ad in thrifty nickel which brings me a few calls a week sometimes more. I make signs like the garage sale signs and put them up in neighborhoods i am interested in. I put them up friday night and take them down sunday night and I always get calls from them. I make fliers and pass them out everywhere I go. I even get my boys to pass them out in neighborhoods I like.
If you would like to learn more abouit what I do them please email me and we can talk in more detail.

Find inexpensive advertising.