New to Bird Dogging...

I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions as to what avenues I could take to start bird dogging in my area. I’m in the Northern NH area at the moment and I am finding it very difficult to use the methods that I have read on this board. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places, but a little guidance would be greatly appreciated.

This site is great by the way. I have found many answers to my (novice minded) questions. I look forward to hearing from you all.


Theres not a whole lot to it.

find deals,
let your buyers know about those deals
get paid.

You can probably pick up an inexpensive bird dogging course on ebay.

Birddogging is no different than investors looking for their own properties.
Here’s some that have stood the test of time:
Pick out an area and work it faithfully with the methods below.

  1. Bandit signs-Make them simple and cheap put them up on Friday night and take them down Sunday night to keep city from grabbing them.
  2. Pass out door hangers. Try to put something useful on the back such as yard sale ad, school or church swap meet, local business discount coupon, etc,
  3. Walk, bicycle or drive the neighborhood and try to talk to the people you see in the yards. Tell them you’re looking for a home in the neighborhood do they know anyone selling, etc.
  4. Follow up on NOD notices with door knocking, phoning or letter writing.
  5. Post signs on bulletin boards.
  6. Make up business cards and pass them out to everyone you meet.

These are some of the ones I use and should give you some ideas of even more.

Good luck,

Drive. Drive a lot. I’ve got a an average of about one lead per 10 minutes worth of educated driving. (A lot of that is writing down lead information and snapping pictures, so I guess probably closer to 1 lead for 5 minutes)

Learn how to use your county assessor site.

Meet people. Then meet more people. Then drive some more. If you have expendable cash well, then Donrock gave some great lead generating tips.

Driving for Dollars is a good way. I normally can find 5 leads in each small neighborhood. I’ll go out for 2 hours.

Look for tall grass, especially grass growing between the driveway cracks, which tells your no cars have been parking there for awhile.

Look for windows with no shades, in which you can see that the house is empty.

Look for missing mailboxes or taped/banded mailbox doors.

Look for FSBO (For Sale by Owner) signs.

Look for the ugliest house in the neighborhood.

Talk to the pizza delivery drivers, mail person, delivery drivers, garbage drivers, roofers, lawn care people, law enforcement, cable guy, etc… about houses they have seen.