New to Bird Dogging...Having trouble finding investors

Happy New Year to all!!

I am new to bird dogging as I mentioned above. I have picked up three homes and don’t really know the best way to go about finding investors. ( mainly because the one contact that i have is on vacation until the 25th of this month.)…Ive seen fliers and signs that saw we buy houses, etc. does that work? craigslist? Or even posting them on this forum board? Any suggestions and/or guidence would be much appreciated.

go to houses in foreclosure, talk to the homeowner and ask for all of the marketing material they have been getting, if nothing more than to just write down the phone numbers. You should have at least 20 investors to call on then, in our market you would have about 100-150 investors to call on.

thats a good idea, i’m gonna give it a shot, thank you

You want to find investors to pass your leads to, join a local real estate investing club. Hands down that is the best way to network with other investors. Last night I was at a Ginos East Pizza in Orland Park with 35 members of the Chicago area real estate club You don’t think there were deals flying around the room…

This website has a list of clubs arranged by state, check out your local clubs

i like that idea of getting the numbers off the marketing from the other investors; the homeowners will thank you because you are taking that trash off their hands (the letters & flyers)

go to or constant contact and get an autoresponder (email) database system so that you can easily and automatically make contacts with your wholesalers to build that rapport and keep in the informed of what you have and/or are working on.

c-list and the reia clubs are all good for finding investors and obviously the we buy houses signs are great for finding rehabbers…

To find investors, look in the newspaper for “I Buy Houses” ads and go to Real Estate Services section on Craiglist and look for the same. Are there any “I Buy Houses” Bandit signs around? If so, call them. Finally, attend a few foreclosure auctions…you’ll find buyers there too.


You need to have a gigantic buyer’s list of investors / homeowners looking for deals.

Advertise yourself. Post ads on Craigslist, call we buy houses signs and ask their criteria, call flyers and ask their criteria, go to your REIA and get the big player’s phone numbers and email addresses.

Your buyer’s list for investors needs to be continuously growing and you need a way to contact them all at the same time for your new properties. Make sure you have their email addresses.

I know an investor that has a list of 10 000 people…

I know a few more with buyer’s lists in the thousands…

I only have 60 :frowning:

I have been looking for properties & at the same time looking for investors to work with. I really want to put my all into this & these are great ideas!! The questions I have are when you call those on C-list, bandit signs or other ads alot of those people are actually bird dogs themselves. So I’m a little confused as to what to say when I find that out. Also, if you place the “I buy houses” kind of ad, I imagine that I will be recieving alot of bird dog calls as well. Do you think it would be a better course of action to mainly just attend the REI clubs, or is there a particular way to work with other bird dogs in your area ? I am attending an REI club this week, but also wanted to know what else can I do in the meantime.
Thank you soo much in advance!

Me, again. I almost forgot, also when you go to these peoples homes to pick up their advertisments they’ve recieved re: their foreclosure, what do you tell them you want them for???

Don’t waste too much of your time with other birddogs…

You can tell which are the serious investors and which ones are flippers.

“How long do you need to close?”
“Are you closing on the property or do you have other investors you flip them to?”
“How many properties do you personally buy a year?”
“How many properties do you have now?”

The questions are very easy to ask to find out who’s serious and who’s just another birddog.

The serious investors try to cut through as much BS as possible to get straight to the point. Non investors will beat around the bush…

In regards to waiting. I hate waiting to take action. Get out there, start taking calls from buyers / sellers / birddogs / investors / attorneys / mortgage brokers / realtors. Get as much calls as you can so you can start developping your phone muscle. Don’t get ready to take action, just do whatever it takes to get things moving. And no, JUST attending a REIA doesn’t count.

2nd question: I don’t understand.

Thanks for the info!
Oh, the 2nd question was about
b18bgone had said earlier in this post to go to peoples houses that were in foreclosure & pick up their advertisements(yellow letters)from investors to build your own list. So, I was asking what the heck would you tell them you wanted them for?? I mean I know if you went to a preforclosure you first would see if there could be a deal, but during that or after are you supposed to casually say, “Oh,can I have all the mail(postcards)you recieved regarding buying your house?”

tell them you just like keeping up with what your competitors are doing and if you could have them or make a copy of them.

When you are at their house after buying the property.

Just say, “Have you received letters from other investors?”

They say " Yes"

You say “Since you don’t need this anymore, do you mind if I take this for my own personal uses?”

They won’t care.

You are bringing up questions that are never a problem.

Ask yourself first: “How do I find foreclosures and how many sellers will I talk to this month?”

Anything and everything that happens after that is irrelevant. Find the deal first.

-google RE Investors in your state/county

-real estate agents specializing in REO’s (call up and tell them you’ll find alot of qualified prospects for their existing investors)

-county courthouse on auction day