New to B-Doggin....Looking for advice

I hooked into a group that has the right people in the right places…they have tons of properties (buying @ .30 to .45/$1) and need investors. That’s where I fit in. Because of
my profession I am able to bring a investors to the table but am unsure as to how to make
sure that I get my cut (marketing fee?) at closing? Any suggestions…Do’s/Don’ts, etc :help

first, finding deals like that is highly unlikely where i’m from…i’d be concerned about steering anyone into deals that deep…

second, if they have deals that deep, they should have more investors than they need. too many people looking for these deals to not have sniffed these guys out.

third, if the deals are that good, you should be buying them yourself and marking them up to 70% and make seem easy dollars…

sounds like BS to me…

Where do you live that have people in the right places that can find deals consistantly at 30-40% of market value?

Kenvest has it exactly right. If they are selling for 30 cents on the dollar, you buy them yourself and re-sell them for 70-80 cents on the dollar. Why settle for a tiny little finder’s fee?

Why the hell would they be selling them at 30 cents on the dollar if they knew anything about real estate?

Sorry for the delay in response–Holidays , etc. Thanks for the replies, to all…although no one offered any advice that I was looking for. This is not BS (although most of the properties are bought (REO) in the 40-45-50 cents on the dollar range as part of a compiler package). Even if I had my own funds to invest, making money by using other people’s money just seemed like a better option to me! :bobble