New tenant wants to rent. Ex-wife & kid will stay for 2 months

Hello All!

My first rental here & I have a new potential tenant that is being transferred & moving from out of state & wants to rent my condo. He said he is separating from his wife & she & the baby would be staying with him for maximum 2 months.

So should I have her also cough up an application fee & run a credit /criminal bg check on her as well? Should I even be concerned if he alone checks out? Should I include her name on the lease?


If she is staying for any length of time you want to run her credit and you want her on the lease. Separations and divorces tend to be fluid things where they are tearing up and trying to get back together one minute, then getting the police called on them for screaming and breaking doors. All you know for sure is they are starting our together. Treat them as a 3-person family tenancy and adjust if she does go out.

I would agree that I would take her off the lease when she actually moves out.

You DEFINITELY need a criminal background check on both of them. People often say that people will only be staying a short time (or visiting) so that you won’t check them out. That is a RED FLAG for me.


Thank you both for the advice! I will do a check on the ex-wife as well.

I know this is an old thread, however why would she attempt to move together to a different state witth someone she is going to seperate from? Or vice-a-versa?

Did everything check out alright?

To be on the safe side, I would DEFINITELY have the wife’s information on the lease agreement, and have her sign all of the disclosures. You never know what’s going to happen in relationships, and if she stays you’ll want to have her signature on all the lease forms.
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I have found that what makes me most secure with any tenant is how much of their money I am holding that they risk losing if they try to screw me.

I would try to get more of a deposit out of them as well as checking them out.