New Tenant has Pit Bull - my liability?

My new tenant has a pit bull and I wanted to know if I am liable if the dog bits someone. He says he will keep him outside on a chain. That sounds a little risky to me.

This site has good info on landlords and dog bite laws

Many insurance companies will drop you for that, you should check with them. What is your policy on pets in general? If you allow them do you have a policy about which breeds (aggressive breeds) are not allowed?

First check with the local police and see if pitbulls are allowed in the area. Some cities have a ban on pitbulls. Also check with your ins and a lawyer as well. You do not own the home but in some states you maybe liable for what your renter does on your property if the dog attacks on the property only. Now if the dog is off your property I can not see you liable.

Also a good rental contract will exclude certain dogs or all pets without written permission of the owner. Actually if your rental contract says no pets and they have one, you can evict and win.

I’m confused. Is this a lease option situation or is this misworded and you mean to say “you do not LIVE in the home?”

Ultimately, you are the property owner and in many lawyers eyes that makes you the deep pockets guy to go after.

You could also require that the tenant obtain renter’s insurance. Many policies of renter’s insurance will have a liability clause for animals. That is what I have used on previous tenants of mine, and it has worked out ok. I also require that if a tenant has a pet, that I meet that pet myself for two reasons. One, I want to make sure that the animal isn’t aggressive. Two, I want to make sure it won’t bite my head off if I have to go into the property to do repairs while the tenant isn’t there.

Lee Warren

People usually don’t think about getting a tenants insurance policy until something actually happens, and by then it would have been too late. Since tenants know that their building is covered by an insurance policy under the landlord’s name, they don’t sometimes bother to get a renters insurance policy or a tenants content insurance policy. This is wrong though because your landlord’s policy does not actually give you coverage when you are inside your unit.

My lease states the tenant must have written approval for a pet and also carry a $250K liability insurance policy specifically acknowledging the pet and naming my LLC as additionally insured. Its their pet, it needs to be their liability also.

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