new tax and asset protection strategies

I’m forwarding an update from (Diane Kennedy’s Loopholes Update). Danika

First, the bullet points:

· Freddie Mac has just changed their rules to NOT allow refinances if the property has been in an LLC at any time for the past 6 months.

· Fannie Mae is expected to follow suit.

If you have your property in an LLC, you have a few choices:

· Leave it in there and realize you probably won’t be able to refinance.

· Pull it out of the LLC and lose all asset protection.

· Use a Trust Sandwich™ to protect the property and keep the lenders happy.

This is a BRAND NEW proprietary strategy.

Just what we need: more guru non-sense.

A Trust Sandwich™, ey?

Doesn’t sound like I would like the taste of that…

Can we not talk about food? I am on a diet and all this talk about food is making me hungry… :O)