New Sub2 deal.

Just got a new sub2 deal. What should I do with it to make the most money?

flip/contract for deed/rent


Loan amount $88,100
Mortgage and Impound account $805.02

Vaule of home after repairs $120,000.

what are your goals?
I like both flipping and cash flow, but not knowing your market, or rent on this place, cannot possibly give you a clue…but will say, the older I get, the more I enjoy cashflow versus cash and nothing to follow.
so again, what are your goals?

:biggrin I would like to know what you did to get the deal in place ? What kind of adds did you place and where ? As well what kind of paperwork did you use ?

I was the listing agent of the property. Seller was tired of waiting around for a Seller. He said he wanted to give it to the bank. I told him to just give it to me and I would make the payments. used a regular purchase agreement with and addendum stateing the loan would stay in his name. Went threw a normal escrow that was all.

The addendum was it a special one you had to use ? Was the real estate contract purchase agreement state specific ? If not would i be able to see a copy of the one you used ?