New Site Looks GREAT!!!

Tim & Doug,

All your hard work on the new site really paid off! Everything looks great!

Great work guys!


Stacy, while I am NOT going to speak for Tim, I absolutely have to say this much…

This site has been the result of 4 very long and HARD months of constant tweaking and coding by myself and countless hours of work, review, input, tweaks, changes, additions, deletions and ideas from Tim.

I cannot even begin to tell you and the others how THRILLED I am to have launched the site today.

Oh, before I forget, we’re not done either. This is just Phase I. Still have a few more tweaks to make here and there, so please be patient while we get this site rockin’ the best way we can.

Thanks for your compliment, Stacy!

I agree about the site, IT’S GREAT. What a lot of work it must have been. It will take me a day or two to get use to it. The color is great too but I did go to UNC. Go Tarheels. GO TIM GREAT JOB

Ted Jr

Tim & Douglas,

Just a little slice of heaven, this new site.

John $Cash$ Locke