new sign ideas needed

Is anyone having any luck with something other than "I buy houses"slogan?I’m burnt out on this slogan,please share some one you have used,or seen.Thanks.

burnt out as in bored with the message, or not getting results?

If not getting results, then you need to consider will new message help or is the area not a good market area.

What type of leads are you trying to generate

They all seem to blend together,just wanting mine to stand out more,just asking for some mind-melting.Thanks.

Here is the one I am using.

Sell Your
in 48hrs or less

This is on a 18x24 The FREC is because I am a Real Estate Agent. But you get the idea.

thank you all for your help.

Here’s mine, boring too — but I get calls on it.

Handwritten rule.

Keep it simple

I Buy Houses
Fast Cash

Buy some paint markers and either cheap posterboard or blank corroplast

knock em out and knock em up on poles, construction site fences, abandoned gas stations. etc.

That’s right. Simple and SHORT. So many novice marketers try to put all of this info on their signs as if someone driving by could actually read all of that crap.

In billboards that are hundreds of times the size, the rule is NO More than 7 WORDS MAX. Any ad agency who suggests to their clients to do otherwise are amateurs. I take my competitions clients on a regular basis for them not following Marketing 101 rules.

hanks for the info man. :beer