New Rehab Problems

Almost finished with rehabbing and furnishing the little adobe casita that I purchased from my bank.

There are new problems I’ve never encountered before–HOW DO I KEEP GRASS FROM SPROUTING IN THE LIVING ROOM? It’s growing just inside the front door, coming up in the sand between the bricks and the adobe wall.

There is also a problem with tumbleweeds. There is natural, never ranched prairie across the street so tumbleweeds pile up against the house walls several feet high after a windy day. They are really hard to smash into the trash dumpster. Is there any way to recycle a tumbleweed? Turn them into a garden sculpture?!



I take it you painted the interior, so use some caulking and hermetically seal the area, then repaint to match the wall. New grass will not sprout through the caulking!

How about a Tumbleweed Christmas Tree???


I would not use a commercial weed killer in a living space despite what it may say on the package regarding toxicity. You could try pouring salt onto the grass and into the depression where the grass is growing.


You can build a snowman out of those tumble weeds. Spray it with flocking.

I burn my tumbleweeds. Be warned, they go up really fast and hot.

If you can’t do that, put a fence across the front of the yard to catch them and stop them from hitting the house.

In your own yard, roundup is about the only option. If you pull them, a new one will come up from the root. If you get them when they are really small, they will wilt away. If they get slightly larger, you have to deal with a dried tumbleweed.

You can flame weed them when they first come up, if you want to go over there once a week and do it.

If the wind always blows the same direction, pull them to the side of the house and the wind will move them on to annoy the next person down the line. I suspect that is what all my neighbors do.

Tumbleweeds? It sounds like you are in west Texas or something. I remember seeing them as big as six feet tall out there a few years ago - they get kind of football shaped if they get that huge. Its kind of an amazing site

It does sound like West Texas, doesn’t it?! It is SE New Mexico. Those tumbleweeds are not sprouting in the yard, they are blowing in from miles away maybe.

I could easily make a fence of them if I could stick them together. I was thinking of a “tumbleweed tree” and then growing vines all over it come Spring. Maybe a “tumbleweed cottage”?

They are real stickery and hard as heck to shove down into the dumpster, three of them fill the darn thing.

I was contemplating salt, boiling water, or a blow torch as how to kill grass from coming up in the living room. The floor is old brick, probably unfired adobe, with sand in the joints. The whole thing has been varnished or urethaned. Looks interesting with green grass sprouting out of a shiny red-brick floor.