New Realtor

Hello Everyone,

I am a new realtor with a small firm. Very independent person. I just got a call to list a very expensive house. I am looking for some insight on how to approach this. Also if anyone has a checklist I might want to go through upon our first meeting. I am so nervous but loving every minute of it!!

have you been assigned a mentor in your office? is your broker willing to go along. since most agents, not sure about NY, work under the rules and instruction of a broker that is who should really guide you. They may have guidelines in place for you to follow that can make your job much easier. Good luck with this exciting new career.

Any question you have would probably be best answered by your broker. That is why you have a broker, to guide you. Even though this forum does deal with Real Estate, this isn’t really a good place to get answers to questions like that. I could give you some type of answer (as well as any of the other realtors on this site) but there are so many things that can change what you would do while getting a listing. One thing I can say is don’t cut your commission b/c they ask. Everyone wants to get something for nothing. If they want someone to do it cheap, let someone else list it. Listings can be a pain in the neck. If you start cutting commissions or taking less from the start, you will get known for doing that. True, you may get more listings, but you do twice the work the make the same money. I would rather have many less listings and make the same money. Give the people a reason for using you and make it worth the percentage you ask for. Our company has a list of things we do for our clients. Usual commission in this area is 6% on most houses. Normally we won’t work for less. Especially if the seller is wanting to put an unreasonable price on their property. If they want to list it at a price that will sell pretty quick, we may be a little more likely to take a little lower commission. You get what you pay for though. Many realtors won’t show a house if the half they get is 2% instead of 3%. Ok I’ve started rambling again and lost my train of though.


General rule of business: always give more value (or at least percieved value) for the buck than everybody else.

See if you can get a pre listing questionaire online from Mike Ferry or Success Strategies Institute. This is tremendously valuable to use in order to confirm that you have a bonafide listing presentation, ie. all decision makers will be present, actually want to sell in a reasonable time frame, etc. This should be covered in a phone call. Don’t let the call become a listing presentation.

Get your broker to give you a scripted listing presentation. Role play the presentation. Lay the presentation out in the form of a questionaire so you won’t feel self conscious about having it in front of you at the appointment. HAVE THE PRESENTATION IN FRONT OF YOU AT THE APPOINTMENT. Why? So you won’t leave anything out of the presentation. You will get sidetracked and “lost” if you don’t have it in front of you.

Get your broker to give you a list of eight or ten most common objections, and scripts to handle them. Role play the objections and take the objection handlers with you too. Don’t give up. Read the responses to objections if you have to. You will hear certain objections many times in your real estate career: “We want to think about it.” “Agent X said she would list it for a lower commission.” “Agent Y said he could sell my house for a higher price.” “We are going to try to sell it ourselves.” You need to have a rock solid answer for all of these, and others.

The listing presentation is just a conversation. If you can say the right things, with confidence and enthusiasm, you will win more than your share. Don’t count on winning with personality. Personalities sometime click and sometimes don’t. Win it with professionalism.

And as a long term strategy, if you are going to stick with the business, get a coach/mentor. It will pay for itself many times over.


 "Practice is just as valuable as a sale. The sale will make you a living; the skill will make you a fortune.
                          ---Jim Rohn


 "Here's the rock, paper, scissors game of selling:
     Relationship is more powerful than price.
     Relationship is more powerful than delivery.
     Relationship is more powerful than quality.
     Relationship is more powerful than service.
                           --- Jeffrey Gitomer