New Real Estate Investors Assoc SW Oregon

We are finally getting Momentuem in SW Oregon for our Real Estate Investors Association. I had to change the name from Jackson County REIA to Real Estate Investors Association of SW Oregon hence the change in email.

However I believe it is going to grow fairly fast. We are having a off date special meeting 4/21 at 6:30 if anyone would like to come. I am a bit computer challenged, waiting for mine to come back from being fixed a second time. Next short term goal-Buy a better one and use the other one for back up… :rolleyes

On to better things. We are excited and making progress.

Our regular meetings will be the 3rd Thursday of Each Month. Location to be announced as we grow fast and locate a large great place to hold what I expect to be a large fast growing group.

If anyone has been to any of the peakpotentials trainings we are planning to use that type of high energy, along with the super networking styles learned from being a member of many great networking groups. We are also starting to create our list of requested speakers, so if you are one or know a great one send us some ideas.

TO Everyones Success!
Kristen :biggrin

I’m a speaker as well as the founder of investment club, and I would recommend waiting until you have a certain attendance before inviting any national speakers to come. Otherwise, it just isn’t worth their travel costs and time.

However, if there are any speakers in your local area or your state, you might as well.