New Owner Here

I purchased a home at a forclosure sale in May, closed in June and now I cannot get the previous owners to leave. day of closing I went toclerk of court, a week later small claims court for an eviction, waited another 10 days and at the last minute she (the previous owner) has filed an appeal. She is living there with no power or water for over 2/3 months has people living in the out building and I can’t even find anyone to insure the home because of the condition. In the meanwhile I’m making the payments on the loan, court fees etc. any ideas on what to do next and how long can she stall?

Thanks for any and all help! just tring to keep my head above water here in N. Carolina.

Wow, bad situation!
Questions: How is it that she’s still able to be in the house?
What is she appealing?
What did they tell you at the courthouse?

Can you get an attorney and then sue her for court fees since she won’t leave peacefully?

Just wondering…

Crazy! In FL you get a writ of possesion(eviction) 24 hours after the sale.

On this topic, anyone know the law in CA? How easy/hard is it to evict when necessary?

Thanks in advance!

Pardon my ignorance, but if you own the home, have the deed why wouldn’t you call the police and have them removed for trespassing? Also, couldn’t you have a lcoksmith change the locks?