New Orleans Rehab

Good evening to all,

After watching my saints lose, now I turn to business for the evening.

Just began looking into the re-hab business here in New Orleans.

Spoke to a few realtors who are friends, I am set on this one purchase if I could find a lender to help me out. I am looking mostly for a HML or re-hab financer.

ARV is $250-260k
Purchase price is $95k
Good GC friend has an estimate of no more than $55k of repairs.

I have funds to do closing costs, not much more to put for downpayment.

Waiting until tomorrow evening to give a call to the HMLs listed in the investor resources here on the site.

Credit is good, over 700 and will have a partner so two incomes can be looked at for repayment if needed as a way out.

If I could get any help until then, I would appreciate it.

Have a good evening.


How much do you need, for how long, and what are the re-payment plans?


Sent you a PM with some more details.

There are several hml that will fund in NO. The specific area, your experience, post Katrina comps will way heavily in their decision makng.

Thanks for the help so far. I replied to my PMs this morning about my situation.

I really do appreciate the help.

No Brainer!