New Orleans Opportunities

Hello everyone,

I’m new here and I think this is a wonderful place to go for information on the real estate investing arena. I’ve really enjoyed looking through past postings.

I’ve just started working with an investor who is convinced that the New Orleans/Gulf Coast area is a goldmine of opportunity if you do your homework and are ready to get your hands a little dirty.

He travels over there at least a couple of times a month and there is so much to be done and some very motivated sellers.

There is a good article about it in the Houston Business Review Online:

Houston Business Review Article

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What I posted is a link to an article. I just renamed it so that the link was shorter.

But, thanks for the heads up. I’m new at this so I welcome your guidance.

Sara…in his response “Land Junkie” pasted an entire article…my post was in reponse to that…I should have been clearer…