new member in central NJ

Hi, I am a new REI member and live in central NJ. I have been looking at this business since 8-2004 and see great potential. Help keep me motivated and encouraged. Am still studying but am hoping to start doing deals this month. Any support and wisdom anyone can share will be most appreciated. :slight_smile:

Rembember - It ain’t gonna happen unless you make it happen. Talk is cheap. Action breeds activity - activity breeds cash.

BTW - Welcome - you can learn alot here.


Thanks; I need cash. I am getting to work now even though I havent “done” anything since last October. Havent been able to find work in my profession, so am now baking bread and making salads and soups for $9.00/hr. Motivation? I have afternoons off, so this is my chance to get going.

Hi Azureskies,

I am from northern New Jersey. :smiley: Do yourself a favor and join an REI club. They are a great source of information that will keep you motivated. You get to network with alot of other investors and you get discounts on certain services. This site has a list of REI clubs you can check out. A good one near us is Real estate property investors of tomorrow. Check them out at click on calender for a list of their monthly meetings/programs.

Also stop by philly…the REI conferance and Expo will be going on 7/22-24/2005. I heard it’s going to be good. The above website will give you all the info.

You should treat your REI business as though it were a job. You must organize yourself and dedicate a certain amount of hours to it. Have a plan and stick to it. Start with wholesaling properties if possible-I’ve heard that’s an easy way to start. :smiley:

Remember you will get out of this business only what you put into it.
Best of luck to you. Keep the faith


Hello everyone, I have just started using this forum.