New Member - Hello Everyone !

Hello, I am just beginning to enter into the world of real estate investing, I want to start with 4 -5 wholesale contracts then move into rehabbing and eventually buy/hold rentals.

I have been reading, researching, and trying to learn as much as I can. I am trying to develop a “criteria” for wholesale properties. Can anyone help me with developing this strategy?

I am also looking for info on how to find investors and others who can help me get started.
I am hoping that there is someone out there who would be willing to help me learn and grow.
I am in SW Pa area and looking for some contract templates for wholesale.

Thank you all ! I look forward to learning a great deal from this forum

Welcome Debran to wholesaling 101, where fast easy profits are just words in the dictionary.
It takes a certain kind of person to succeed in wholesaling, can you go months with deals falling apart, can you look at hundreds and thousands of properties to do a few deals? Can you stay motivated and persistent after tons of failures? Can you deal with dishonest people? Can you deal with the naysayers that will try to steal your dreams with their negative bs?
Can you spend thousands on direct mail and bandit signs with no guarantee you will ever recoup a dime?
Can you deal with recruiting bird dogs & others that 99% will flake on you?
Can you deal with an emotional roller coaster ride from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs on a weekly schedule?
Are you willing to learn salesmanship and listening skills and get a serious education?
Can you walk into an abandoned property with a flashlight and pepper spray as the homeless scatter? Can you get a confident look on your face and do a confident walk?
Can you stay focused with a never quit attitude? Can you do what 99% of others wont do?
Well, if you can, sign here. I got a job for you.

Hi, Wow that’s some reply to start my first post :slight_smile:

Here’s one quick answer - I am a veteran, a strong professional woman, I have owned a few businesses, played the network game, been the peon or the lowest on the totem pole and now the top dog (controller - glorified baby sitter) at the top of my career. I am working on early retirement and looking at this opportunity to do just that.

If this takes a strong, determined, energetic, can do anything I set my mind on type of person - then hell yeah I sign up today !!

Wholesaling real estate is really a very simple process, I’ve heard its 10% knowledge and the other 90% is mind set.
It all starts with getting an education.