New marketing idea

I have a friendly pizza place down the street from my house. I have bought my pizza’s from there for a while. They travel all over the town delivering their pizzas, so I was thinking how to work with them and get my information to others.
This is what I do. I always buy MY pizzas there and when I rent or sell a house I always buy a gift certificate for Two large pizzas as a house warming gift…I asked if the pizza place could leave my flyers on the counter and they offered to put my flyer on the box… they put my flyer rolled up in the edge of the pizza box.
I’m buying from them and with the gifts the new home buyers/tenants start to do business with them also.
They always call me when they run out of flyers.
The very best time to have them put your flyers out is football nights, snowdays, the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving and Christmas.
They also tell me when someones moving…those people don’t want to cook, boxes everywhere…orders pizza.
I started doing this about 3 months ago. I’ve filled two rentals and got a handful of leads to buy (nothing yet on those)
Great $uccess,


Thanks so much for sharing that great idea. I always appreciate a new idea, especially when it’s a great one. In return I’ll pass on something that I found from Pizza delivery companies. I used to live in Baltimore and there were alot of areas the pizza companies wouldn’t deliver to, even though it was in their delivery area. So you can use this information two ways…1) Keep the heck away from that area :tongue , 2) That area may be an excellent opportunity to find some great deals if your looking at low income rentals, or maybe quickflips :biglaugh . Win/Win investing to you!


Here is another idea using that same concept. If you find a house that is near a high traffic area and you want to put one of your signs in their yard, knock on their door and offer them a gift certificate for a free pizza once a month if they will put your “we buy houses” sign in their yard. I have this set up so that I don’t get charged for the gift cert. unless they use it. Kathy

good idea :wink: