new marketing idea

Hello to All,
Maybe some might know this but I thought I would post this in case it’s new to some.
I like second-hand stores. I buy used stoves and ice boxes from them for my rent houses.
I got to talking to three different stores on Saturday. This is what I found out:
When people are in a bind to sell, buy or rent they go into a second hand place to sell their stuff to just get out of town (sometimes leaving houses behind) OR the family that’s selling mom and dad’s things off before putting the house up for sale. Same thing if they are renting or buying, they are looking for low cost appliances and furniture…(this is for the blue collar buyers and sellers that I like so much)
I told the store owners that I will pay a referral fee for any information that results in buying or selling a property. I took all of their information, asked to leave my cards, which they put on their desks by the register. I also take THEIR cards to give out to my renters and buyers for second-hand appliances and furniture…Everyone’s getting something!
I picked up three leads Saturday about houses that are in great areas that I had no idea about…I’m checking on them now.
Maybe this tid-bit might help someone else.
Great $uccess,

Hi Dee -

That’s a great idea. It’s almost always more profitable to find the motivated folks before everyone else does.

You might want to expand this to include Pawnshops – bailbond folks are good too – they’ve sent me some good deals over the years.

Take care,

Eric C

I just joined REI this week, and was perusing the older posts when I came upon your idea. It is a great one. I am going to find some second hand stores and do this. How has it been working for you?

Bryan B-

I’d want to know too. Wow, so this thread is 3 years old?

Hello All,

The 2nd hand shop gives me more referrals for people looking to rent than properties to buy.

Still a win win, since I have rentals.

The best way I’ve found to find out who’s moving is the neighborhood pizza place (in the neighborhood I like to farm)

Right before someone moves they order pizza while they pack the kitchen stuff. I’ve got the same deal with the pizza place. I HAVE bought one property this way. It wasn’t from a home owner but a burnt out landlord. He was just tired of renters moving in and moving out leaving behind trash and damage.
Great $uccess!