new landlord.. need help Pet deposit???

What is a fair price to pay for deposit on a lassie type dog?? I’m renting this house for 600 a month and they are already giving me 550 deposit…???

Do i need to include this in the lease agreement??

Well, first of all, I certainly would not have the deposit be less than the rent, even if there is no dog. In fact, I always make the deposit $25 more than the rent, so when I rent a property for $600 per month, I make the deposit $625 (check with your state laws to be sure that is legal).

Then, on top of that, I charge a pet deposit. If they have one dog or cat, I usually make the pet deposit an extra $100. If they have more than one dog or cat, I usually charge $200. I do not allow multiple pets or anything on the vicious dog list.

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We charge the same amount no matter how low the rent: $250/pet. And, believe me, this doesn’t even come close to covering damages if a pup gets chewy :banghead

Having a higher pet deposit helps discourage the impulse purchase for those with little actual experience with pet ownership but responsible pet owners don’t flinch… they generally seem to understand how much damage is possible.

Check the newspaper for how much deposit is the norm. In one city/state the norm is to charge a few hundred dollars more than the rent amount for deposit. In another city I have to charge a couple hundred dollars less for the deposit. I charge anywhere from $200 to $300 for pet deposit.

I try to get an additional $200 security deposit per pet.

I always get $250. I have had to use is once before and it comes in handy when a puppy chews through the A/C electrical cords.

I charge a security deposit = to one months rent. My Pet deposit is a nonrefundable $100 for the first pet and $50 for each after.

It’s not very often that I disagree with Mike when it comes to real estate. But in this case, I do avidly disagree with the refusal to allow a dog that is on the viscous dog list. I firmly believe that judging a dog by its breed is just as wrong as judging a person by the color of their skin, their religion, or nationality. The breed of a dog in no way reflects good or bad tenancy or creates a threat greater than what you would expect from a dog not on the viscous dog list.

A dogs disposition, regardless of the breed, is a direct reflection of the owners ability to care for the animal.

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I don’t discriminate against dogs on the vicious dog list because I don’t like them. I won’t take dogs on the vicious dog list because the insurance won’t cover them. Check with your insurance company - most don’t cover dogs on the vicious dog list.


I agree.

I’ll have to check with my wife to see who we use for insurance. I know this was an issue when we were shopping, but we ended up finding coverage that didn’t discriminate against breeds…it wasn’t easy. When I find the name of the company I’ll post it here.

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We charge $250 for Lassie or Fluffy. We have it as fully refundable provided there is no pet damage. For 2 pets, still $250.

Since our homes are furnished, we now charge $50 out of that $250 for excessive pet hair clean-up.

Any important clause in your pet agreement should read: No puppies! We do not have facilities for puppies!

I learned this by renting to a man with 2 Great Danes who then bred those dogs and they had a litter of 10 or 12 puppies. We had to rebuild the chewed-up fence and the garage insulation. He was charged and paid for the work, but it needn’t have happened if we had had a “No Puppies!” clause.


$100 non-refundable pet deposit. Probably will up that to $150 in the future.

we charge $500 security deposit on a $750 rent.

security deposit vs. rent is all local market driven.

if you try to ask for too much - you will not rent your apartment as quickly - or at all.

if you ask for too little - renters will leave your apt in not so good a shape.