New Landloard - Eviction Clause

This will be my first rental. I am in Texas. What clause can I put on my “Landloard Addemdum” to protect me from any cost of eviction if it ever gets to that? My realtor said the TREC does not provide anything in the standard lease and I will have come up with myself or from attorney… Please help…

Also what other clauses should I have to really protect… thanks for any help help.

There is no way to protect against the cost of evictions, regardless of what you put in the lease. Evictions are expensive and every landlord will have evictions sooner or later. The more rentals you have, the greater the chance that you’ll have an eviction. When you evict someone, they often skip the area and don’t leave a forwarding address. In addition, many of them are being evicted because they’ve lost their job; have decided to start taking drugs; etc. You won’t get money from these folks because they don’t have any.

The best way to avoid evictions is to screen your potential tenants. A credit check and criminal background check are mandatory.

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its standard to use a clause that any attornery’s fees as a result of lease violation will be the responsibility of the tenant. However, as prop. mgm discusses, recovering money during/after evictions a low probability (even if you have a judgement).

This is yet another of life’s situations where an ounce of prevention (screening) is worth a pound of cure (legal proceeding and judgements)