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Hello NJ investor, wholesalers, contractors and the alike. I’m looking forward to networking with other professionals throughout New Jersey. I have a full loss mitigation team in place for short sales. I’m also heavily involved with wholesaling throughout the entire state. Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss how we can network together.

  • The Real Estate Jedi

I’m looking for more bird dogs. If you’re looking to get started bird dogging please take a moment to drop me a line to begin networking.

Hi everybody, I am a contractor in NY but having NJ so close networking amongst these 2 states makes sense. I would consider getting involved in rehabs, rent to own and other investments where renovation/construction is needed.

Whats bird dogging? Im looking to invest in some bank owned property rehab them and rent them out. Anyone know a good way to put them up cheap? I also thought about buying tax liens cert and deeds. At least it its a 18% gain. I just dont want to end up with a property that the dead beat owner took a bulldozer to it.

Build it and flashtheman, please drop me a line when you get a chance to discuss how we can network together. I have many wholesale properties throughout NJ.

I’m looking for rehab buyers working in Northern and Central New Jersey, if you buy send me a message.

Also if you just want to network send me a message as well, I’ll be glad to help out with any questions you may have.

I’m still looking for bird dogs throughout NJ.

Feel free to email/PM me with any questions!

Hey REICLub,

Looking to network, partner, and/or work with other Real Estate professionals in New Jersey or elsewhere for that matter for mutually profitable opportunities… :beer


A.Donahue Baker, CPA

NJ’s former bird-dog turned investor.

Working primarily in Northern NJ; Passaic, Bergen and Hudson counties.

Right now main focus is short sales and rehab deals.

If anyone wants to network/work together. Msg me! :biggrin

Hey Everyone,

I’m new to the whole REI thing but I’ve read a lot of really good books and now I’m ready to start getting my hands dirty.

My goal is to start by farming a few areas here in Passaic County and would love to pass on some opportunities to investors for some extra cash until I’m ready to start investing myself.

Ideally, I would like to work with someone who can not only pay me but teach me some things about the business as well.

If you’re interested, shoot me a message and lets get together sometime.


I am new to Real Estate Investing/ Wholesaling in NJ and I am looking to network with sellers, buyers and rehabbers in North NJ, Essex and surrounding counties. I encourage all rehabbers, sellers buyers and investor buyers to contact me. I look forward to networking with you all.

I am looking to buy/flip houses in the monmouth county area. Looking for a partner that is interested in partnering with a complete newbie. Look forward to hearing from you.

NJ RealEstateInvestor, have we connected yet? I wholesale properties throughout NJ. Let’s talk!

JaredSP, let’s discuss how we can work together.


Hi Everyone,

I own a Property Management firm in Northern NJ. We specialize in managing single family- smaller multifamily residential properties for investors. We are a full service management company. We work mostly with Property investors who aren’t interested with the everyday headaches of being a landlord. With us you can invest, take advantage of a strong rental market, but continue to live your life uninterrupted.
I look forward to networking with all of you.



I’m a contractor located near Rutgers. I’m looking to network with real estate professionals to begin the investment process and purchase a 1st home before spring. All networking opportunities are encouraged.

Feel free to PM me

bump for NJ investors, wholesalers, and bird dogs :slight_smile:

always looking to network with other professionals. drop me a line and lets network!


Rehabber in NJ who wants to do his first deal. Wholesalers: PM me if you have good deals.