I am a young man whose interested in furthering my education in Real Estate Investing. I’ve taken an Investing Course and I feel like i’m gaining alot of knowledge in a short period of time. I’m also about to get my Real Estate License, which will also be beneficial. I think I have the drive that it takes to one day be a great investor. I wish I knew an experienced investor that would take me under their wing and really show me the in and outs of the system. If anyone knows of any program or website that can really give insight to investing, please share this info.


You’ve registered on a great website here! My suggestion is to look at the newsgroup forums list on the left side of your screen and see which aspects of REI interest you. Then start with the oldest posts and read all you can until you get up to the current ones. Once you get the older ones read, it’s very easy to check once or twice a day on here and keep up with the new activity. Reading all the old posts will take a bit of time, but it will be time well spent. I strongly suggest taking notes on bits of information you come across that you think you may need for later. I just made a MS Word document I could cut and paste into.
There is a member on here who goes by “propertymanager.” His name is Mike and he’s written a no-nonsense book to investing in rental properties. Although you’ll never see him tout his book in the forums, it comes highly recommended by many people on here. He also had a blog on his website about his day to day activities showing the reality of running a rental property business.
You should also look into joining a Real Estate Investors Association if there is one near you.
I think by starting here you can start learning the basics about the area of REI that interests you. There’s no need to spend a ton of money on your education. Save that for doing your first few deals.
Welcome to the board!!!

Thanks for the guidance. I’ll be sure to stay on top of the newsgroup forums. How long have you been investing for?

Just about a year and a half so far. My wife and I bought a small multi-family building to start with and have rehabbed 1/2 the units during our ownership. Rents are now about double from where we bought it. We brought the rehabbed units up to market rent. We’re getting ready to either start buying numerous SFHs or a larger multi-family complex in the next few months.

Congratulations on your success. I was wondering if you knew much about flipping options. I was thinking this would be a good way to accumalate money so I could actually purchase a property.

Taylordo, welcome. This site is full of seasoned vets that are willing to help you. What type of investing are you looking for? You can do a search on this site for various subjects or just ask a question.

There’s an established investor on here “fdjake” who likes to do flips. He’s got a pretty recent thread in this forum about a kitchen rehab in one of his flips (includes pictures). You can search for posts by him as well.

Hello to all,

I am new investor, a former Property Manager of 22 years just got terminated from my job for not passing a REAC inspection (Previous score 93). Now I have more time to spend in real estate investment. Need some help. Have to motivated sellers, I am trying to wholesale the properties have any ideas where I can find buyers?

Thanking all in advance for any help.

Lease options is the way to go. How much knowledge do you know?