New investor

My problem is I have no money bad credit I have a strong desire to do this but without the means I want to get into buying and holding I live in kind of a small town so multi family apartment complexes don’t go on the market everyday and single family homes even if I can get them with no money down I have no money to put into them and don’t know how to get the money so as not to cut into my profit margin. I have many reasons for this and one is so I have more time to spend with my son who lives with his mother and because of my job I never get to see him so I have a burning desire but no experience and even less money I just want to be a success and not wind up losing everything so any advice or help would be great and appreciated

This probably isn’t what you want to hear, but you need to change your situation and behaviors before jumping into buying investment properties to rent out. With no money and bad credit, you’re going to have to partner with someone to even make that happen. That would probably be very hard to do. A bank isn’t even going to talk to you about this since you have no experience and no money to put into it. Being a LL with no way to pay for repairs is a recipe for disaster. You have to do something else first before you start buying property. Whether that means taking on an extra job or two, wholesaling properties, etc, you have to put yourself in a better situation before you can take that next step.

I thought about wholesaling properties but the only investors r landlords and not alot of them the closest metropolitan area is over an hour away but I thought would be a good low risk way to put funds away to start buying cash flowing properties any suggestions on how to start doing it that way and as for a second the hours I work wouldn’t really allow that

You could check over in the Wholesaling and Marketing forums. You can probably get better advice there from people who are doing that. Do you have a job with varying hours or just feel like you don’t have enough time to do REI?

I don’t really have much time I work overnight 12 hrs on Friday and Saturday nights then evenings on Monday and Wednesday that is if I have no overtime

of course Justin is right on, your going to have to find a way to

  1. save some cash
  2. improve your credit

until you do both of those you will be very limited on what you can do…

Your first step in investing is to save the money and take care of your credit,can you volunteer for more overtime? is there something you can do during the day to make cash since it sounds like your mainly work at night?

I’m sure you wanted someone to give you a magic formula,but to succeed you need at least 2 of the following, good credit, cash, experience