new investor who wants to invest out of state

I am form San Jose CA and want to invest out of state. Ive found several properties where cost of real estate, closing cost, and Rehab (assumed cost) is well under 50% of ARV. where do I go from here? I would really apreciate any advice!

Thank you for your time

Frankie B.

What type of investing are you doing? Buy and Hold, Flipping, rentals…

I’d like to hold and rent as many properties as possible and if I do decide to flip, I’d like it to still follow the 1% rule. I currently live in the Bay Area and from what I have researched it is very difficult to acquire properties that leave me with any other choice but to flip. Don’t get me wrong, flipping can be very lucrative but I want to have as many options available as possible. Hopefully I answered your question and I appreciate that you responded to me so quickly. If you need more info in order to give me the proper advice please ask.

Thanks Again,

Frankie B

your next step will be to start interviewing real estate agents and property managers in the area you are looking to invest in.